At St. Mary’s we take care of each other, aim high, enjoy learning and achieve success within the family of a Church school.

Our school curriculum encompasses everything your child experiences during their time with us whether this is in the classroom, woodland learning, outside on the playground, through visits and visitors or in the dining hall. We aim to provide a curriculum which…

  • provides exciting and interesting learning opportunities
  • is matched to each child’s individual needs
  • gives opportunities for creative expression
  • encourages health and fitness
  • gives opportunities to develop the skills of enquiry and effective communication

and, most importantly, prepares children for life in an everchanging, modern world.

Through our curriculum we intend to…

  • Enable the children to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging by learning about themselves, where they live, who lives amongst them, the location’s landscape and its history.
  • Support the children in recognising their own talents and, in time, knowing how to use these to build a successful future for themselves.
  • Develop in each child, an understanding of their place in the world and knowledge that they are part of this ‘big story’ of human existence, development and achievement.
  • Expose the children to the opportunities that are open to them as citizens of the world.
  • Encourage children to acknowledge and be inspired by the talents of those who have gone before them and those who are making a difference to the world today.
  • Help children to learn about the diversity of our society and develop a strong respect and appreciation of those around them and of those that have gone before them.

At St. Mary’s we use specialist teaching resources to ensure that we provide high quality teaching and learning experiences for all children.

The Curriculum for Unity School’s Partnership (CUSP) is used for English, Science, History, and Geography, Art and Design Technology. This is an ambitious, evidence-based curriculum with a focus on vocabulary. End points are identified and carefully planned for, building on previous knowledge. Long-term plans comprehensively map out what is taught across the school in all subjects. See the documents below for the content of our different subjects across the curriculum. Subjects are taught individually but links are made across different subjects where appropriate.

We also use Read, Write, Inc for phonics, White Rose for Maths, Jigsaw for PSHE and RSE, Charanga for music, and Real PE for physical education. See the tabs below for more information.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)









Modern Foreign Languages





religious education