St. Mary's (Endowed) CE VA Primary School

Encourage, Aspire, Flourish


About Our Governors

The Governors of St. Mary's.

The Governing body of St. Mary's meets as a full governing body six times a year, that is once every half term. Much of our work takes place outside the full meetings in committees.

The Governors are:

Chairperson: Anne Cottingham

David Wiltshire
Stewart Johnson
Vivienne Benford
Jane Loades
Kathryn Jackson

Lizzy Searjeant
Louise Skillman

Alex Hannah
Clerk to the Governors: Donald Mayes

We have four committees, which are:-

Teaching and Learning Committee
Chairperson: Vivienne Benford
Remit: Teaching and learning, policy documents and long-term plans

Finance and Personnel Committee
Chairperson:David Wiltshire
Remit: Controlling all the financial aspects of the school's life, setting budgets and monitoring to ensure money is spent effectively.


Ethos and Community Committee

Chairperson: Jane Loades

Remit:  To preserve and develop the Christian Distinctiveness of the school through its vision and values.

Learning Environment Committee
Chairperson: Stewart Johnson
Remit: Dealing with health and safety and issues related to the school site.

Please see the attached document to find out about the composition of our Governing Body and about our Governors.